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Posted on Apr 26th, 2019

To be able to access the pool, the following needs to be "checked":
Up-to-date on dues
Liability waiver signed
If you've signed a waiver last year, it does not expire.  You will not need to complete a new one.  If you'd like to add additional people to your waiver, you can always do that and send it to me via email (cdaigle103@gmail.com). 
The new gate access fobs will be distributed on Sunday, May 19 from 6-7 pm and again on Tuesday May 21 from 6-7 pm.  I'll be at the pool house to hand these out and I'll have blank waivers if you need to complete one.
The first FOB will be given to you, one per house.  We will only provide one FOB and only one FOB per house this year.  We will be evaluating usage and feedback to see if one FOB is sufficient.
If you lose your FOB, you can pay for a new one.  The cost is $10 to replace.  Upon payment and receipt of a new FOB, the old FOB will be deactivated. 
The pool will open Memorial Day weekend, Saturday May 25th.  Please review the rules of pool use.
If you have not paid your dues and submitted a waiver by either of the two days listed above, you will need to coordinate with me to receive the FOB.  Please be aware that I might not be immediately available to verify dues payment or receive the waiver....please plan accordingly!