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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions. 
~ Neighborhood News ~
Pool Reminders
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2017
This is just a friendly reminder to review the pool rules.  A full listing of the rules is accessible by clicking on Pool Infomration on the left menu.
I've had several concerns from neighbors regarding rule infractions by other neighbors and guests.  Some of the main concerns are referenced below:
--It is REQUIRED that children under age 12 be supervised by a parent or guardian in attendance in the pool area AT ALL TIMES. Children age three (3) and under must have a parent or guardian IN THE WATER with them AT ALL TIMES. A guardian is required to be at least 18 years of age and must have the formal parental consent to be responsible for the young children at the pool.
--Guests are limited to 5 per household and must be accompanied by a resident. Residents with pool privileges are responsible for informing their guests of the rules.
--Flotation devices are permitted as long as there are 10 people or less in the pool. All air-inflatable crafts used must be a one-person carrier. Exceptions are water wings and toddler carriers/life preservers.
--All trash generated by swimmers must be placed in garbage containers or otherwise properly disposed of.
--The gates are to remain locked at all times. The pool can be accessed only with a pool code. Under no circumstances should the gates ever be propped open. The fence and gate that surround the pool area are for resident protection. All pool users should be instructed not to admit anyone into the pool area, even if they have a pool code in their possession. If their pool code does not work, the cardholder should contact the Board of Burberry Place Homeowners Association for instruction
--Proper swim attire is required. No “cut-offs” or street clothing are allowed in pool.
As residents of Burberry Place, if you have access to the pool, you have signed a waiver and should have reviewed these rules.  Each code is associated with a residence and each time your code is used to enter the gate, the access is logged.  We also have cameras installed on the gate to assist in verifying who is coming and going.  Please help us keep our HOA dues from increasing by taking care of our community property!


~ Upcoming Events ~
HOA Meeting Tuesday, August 1st, 6pm, Pool House
Tuesday, August 1st, 6pm at Pool House
We will meet on Tuesday, August 1st at the pool for our HOA Meeting.  Please contact me with any topics of discussions.
I know of two topics: Jeremy Lunsford has sold his house and is vacating his VP seat on the board.  There have been several complaints about the pool: water condition, amount of guests, cleanliness of pool area.

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